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SAIAE Actions


SAIAE Actions - March 2009

During the first meeting of the current SAIAE Council meeting held in March 2009 the newly elected Council identified a number of strategic areas which the Council would like to focus its activities on in order to benefit the members of SAIAE. The strategic areas, the Council Members responsible for each of the focus areas, and activities planned for the focus areas are summarised below.

A. Establishing Norms and Standards [At van Coller & Timothy Simalenga]

  1. Establish a technical committee to determine the norms and standards required.
  2. Determine extent and applicability of norms and standards.
  3. Identify existing norms and standards applicable in South Africa.
  4. Develop norms and standards for Agricultural Engineering issues not presently well documented.
  5. Determine which international norms and standards can be adopted and adapted for South Africa.
  6. Make norms and standards available to members through the SAIAE website.

B. Student Training and Support [Jeff Smithers & Peter Lyne]

  1. Support students by providing incentive/recognition awards made to top students, involving students in branch activities, assisting UKZN with developing vacation work guidelines, and assisting students with placement for vacation work.
  2. Increase the number of excellent Agricultural Engineering graduates from UKZN by making available loans to students who meet both merit and financial need criteria, grow and maintain links with bursars, develop support for bursaries from the private sector, establish industry supported salary subventions for educators in order to attract and retain quality lecturing staff.
  3. Marketing and student recruitment by establishment of a database of recent employment opportunities, profile career opportunities and remuneration of Agricultural Engineers and support initiatives to recruit pupils to study Agricultural Engineering.
  4. Investigate and promote training opportunities for Agricultural Engineering Technicians.
  5. Support UKZN in articulation options between tertiary education institutions for students not managing with degree studies.

C. Member Support (Internal Marketing) [Neels Bezuidenhout]

  1. Disseminate information regarding CPD events to members both electronically and by conventional means.
  2. Provide the means for members to update their personal information both electronically and by conventional means, which is essential for maintaining the database to be able to communicate efficiently with members.
  3. Establish a forum were the achievements of members can be communicated to the Institute and from there to other members as well as the possibility of presenting outstanding achievements with appropriate awards.
  4. Establish a system for the continuous flow of information between Council Members with regard to deadlines for Council activities.
  5. Publish a newsletter at least four times per year. The articles for the newsletter should be contributed by Council Members as well as from normal members of the Institute. Members should also be encourage to supply information of events related to Agricultural Engineering that is taking place in their regions to be included in the newsletter as well as on the webpage.
  6. A calendar of events eg branch meetings, for the coming year should be compiled and put on the web page.
  7. Establish from members whether the name and logo of the Institute is still relevant and applicable and if not ascertain what will be involved in changing it.
  8. To ascertain whether the Institute and its Council Members is giving the members what they expect and want, a vehicle will have to be found which will get a response from as many members as possible.

D. External Marketing [Marius van Rooyen & FP Dafel]

  1. Establish fields of work and establishment of discipline working groups and thus attract professions working in the discipline to be attracted to SAIAE.
  2. Market to both members and non-members (engineers, technicians and technologists) the services which SAIAE provide.
  3. Make public aware of SAIAE and the skills and expertise of Agricultural Engineers by publications, radio talks, interaction with key players etc.

E. Representing Agricultural Engineering Profession on other bodies [Felix Reinders]

  1. SAIAE liaise and have contact with a number of other institutions eg ECSA,CIGR, SANCID, SABI and NSTF. This is done to promote and represent the Institute at these forums.

F. Web Page [David Clark]

  1. Develop the website to serve as a window to the Agricultural Engineering profession in South Africa and the activities of the Institute and it's Council.
  2. Update the website frequently with information of activities organised by the Institute, but also with information received from members as to activities in their regions.
  3. Provide secure online tools for members to update their personal information in the membership database.
  4. Provide links to the websites of organisations that have relevance to agricultural engineering.

G. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) [Kevin Hundley]

  1. Establish a calendar of regular courses for the different regions, which can then be implemented by the different branches.
  2. Explore the feasibility of having a multi-day CPD event in the WC.
  3. Establish criteria by which courses can be accredited.
  4. Receive and maintain records of the attendants to any CPD accredited event.
  5. Advertise accredited CPD events on the web page.
  6. To assist candidate agricultural engineers, establish a forum where present practising agricultural engineers with the necessary experience can serve as mentors to the candidate engineers.



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