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SAIAE represents the discipline of agricultural engineering in South Africa.

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The South African Institute of Agricultural Engineers (SAIAE) is the body representing the discipline of agricultural engineering in South Africa, established in 1964. All applications of Agricultural Engineering are encompassed by the Institute as a voluntary association for Agricultural Engineers, Technicians and Technologists.
Agricultural Engineering is the discipline which applies engineering principles to agriculture and other bio-based industries, including the management of natural resources. It therefore encompasses aspects of other engineering and scientific disciplines.
The aims of the Institute are:

  • The promotion and development of the science and technology of agricultural engineering;
  • The promotion of the agricultural engineering profession;
  • The promotion and encouragement of research and training in agricultural engineering;
  • The dissemination of knowledge, information and ideas in the field of agricultural engineering through meetings and publications;
  • The creation of a mutual meeting opportunity for agricultural engineers and related technologists and technicians in South Africa;
  • The establishment of a body that can speak with authority on agricultural engineering issues in South Africa and that may also stipulate standards, norms and codes or make recommendations in this regard;
  • The protection and promotion of the interests of members of the profession and mutual support to each other on technical and other areas.


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